Who We Are

Capital Preservation Partners, Inc is a financial planning firm that guides investors through ever-changing markets and retirement planning strategies. Capital Preservation creates custom portfolios structured towards meeting individual goals and needs. CPP evaluates investments and fund managers to implement conservative growth with downside protection strategies. 

Capital Preservation was founded in 1992 by Kevin Mullins and Michael S. Hymes, driven by the desire to provide their tax clients with comprehensive and fee-only investment advice. Over three decades later CPP remains an independent financial planning firm that believes trust, integrity, responsibility, and stewardship never go out of style. Our history of delivering exceptional results while nurturing long-standing client relationships is a testament to these values in action.

We invite you to get to know us and learn how we may be of service to you and yours.




Since our founding in 1992, CPP has remained independent and provides unbiased advisory services. Our Investment Advisory Firm is built on trust, integrity, and professional experience.



We strive to provide personalized client service and are uncompromising in our efforts to deliver superior results to clients.



CPP as assembled a professional network with diverse specialized knowledge. Accounting, legal and insurance specialists can assist in developing customized solutions.



We implement thorough investment process to minimize volatility and improve consistency of returns. We seek repeatable and predictable results to most effectively grow wealth.



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